The Essence of Prayer XXVII – Luke 3:21, 22 Exhortation to Prayer

We see further exhortation to prayer in the example of the Lord Jesus in Luke 3:21, 22.  He was often in prayer and in this passage we see the Holy Spirit descends on Him as He prays.

Acts 1;13, 14  In like manner, the disciples were praying, not just waiting, and the Holy Spirit came upon them while they prayed.  The believer has a desire for the ability to pray from the Holy Spirit and we seek more aid in our prayer from Him as well.  The believer desires to enter into real communion with God in prayer.  That occurs by the Holy Spirit.

What is prayer that the Holy Spirit aids?

  1. Prayer is the prerequisite for such prayer. Luther set aside the best hours of his day for prayer and was in prayer several hours in the day.  In such time of prayer the believer ought to expect the Holy Spirit to be present.  Romans 8:26, 27  There is aid from the Holy Spirit for prayer, not just a recitation of a list as a duty.


  1. If we are not living as we ought, we will not have that aid. The believer needs to be a “free channel” that the Holy Spirit flows through as living water.  If the life is clogged with the cares of the world and sin, there can be no expectation of the Holy Spirit.


  1. The believer must invite the Holy Spirit to enable the type of prayer that meets with God. James 5:16.  Fervency comes from the Holy Spirit.  Luke 11:13  This is the gift of the Father to those who ask.