John 1:1-14 – The Prologue, I

John 1:1-14 is a prologue of a prologue to the beginning of this gospel account by John.  This gospel is often given to unbelievers to read because it is thought to be simple, also because that is its stated purpose, John 20:30, 31.

Verses 1, 2  The one who comes to this gospel with a modern, materialistic worldview will not understand it.  It cannot be taken apart in a rationalistic manner.  There is internal spiritual logic to the Epistle that is the only way to grasp its meaning.  And there is great depth to its meaning.  The profound is presented in simple spiritual terms.  The unspiritual man is invited to become spiritual that he might understand.  The spiritual man is lead along into ever greener pastures.

Eternity past is presented with a depth of time that we can’t comprehend.  Measurable things do not provide meaning for life.  It requires eternity to provide meaning.  Our meaning is in the immeasurable eternity of the beginning prior to creation.  The unbeliever tries to find meaning of the things he does but meaning is supplied only to the believer in Christ the Word.  The believer has God who is communion – the Word – and He gives communion.  John is so taken up with the idea that the Son is in communion with the Father that he begins his epistle with it.  And the believer can have communion in a like manner with the Father and the Son.  Basic to the Christian life is this communion with the Father and the Son.  Forgiveness of sin is not enough.  That is the whole meaning of the story of the prodigal son, Luke11:11-32.  The believer is made for communion.  The Son has been in communion with the Father from eternity past and the believer has been brought into that communion.  The believer needs to make a real effort to have daily, hourly communion with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Verse 3  The Lord Jesus is equal with the Father as Creator.  As all things were created through Him, Colossians 1:16, so He is above all created things, Hebrews 1.