The Essence of Prayer XXV – Pray About Praying

A study of Christ speaking on prayer brings it to light everywhere in the Gospels.  In Luke 19:46 He quotes Isaiah 56:7 that God has designated a specific place for His house in the wilderness where men could speak with Him.  It was to be a house of prayer.  The Lord Jesus declared that it should not be made into a place for merchandise which lowered its purpose.

In John 4:23, 24 the Lord Jesus declares that God is to be worshiped in spirit and in truth.  In the new covenant age the house of prayer is no longer a place to meet but the meeting of God’s people.  The local visible church has become the place of prayer.  God’s people are uniquely called to gather for prayer corporately as well as privately with the men leading, I Timothy 2.  Praying out loud before the congregation is a duty for pastors and the men of the church that takes the Lord’s grace.  The whole congregation must uplift and join the men in silent prayer.

In Luke 11:13 the Lord Jesus expresses what should be an object of prayer, the giving of the Holy Spirit.  If the people of God are the ones who gather to pray and the Holy Spirit is the author of prayer, then we ought to pray about our praying.  We ought not to just walk into a time of prayer without concern for the quality of the prayer.  Charles Spurgeon expressed concern for prayer meetings where there was nothing but common, tired prayer.  The Holy Spirit can give power for greater aid in prayer.  Prayer is not a human activity; it is a spiritual activity and needs to be prayed about.  We must ask the Lord to give us prayer, vitality of prayer, content of prayer, corporately as well as personally.  There is room for growth in every prayer life.  We must ask the Holy Spirit for growth in prayer.

In Acts 4:23-31 we see that God gives the Holy Spirit in power as the result of prayer.  And the giving of the Holy Spirit leads to boldness in witnessing.  If we would have ability to witness as we desire, we must have the power of the Holy Spirit, which comes in answer to prayer.