The Essence of Prayer XIII – A Spur to Prayer

Psalm 65:1-4

Vs. 1  The Psalm begins as many do with praise to God.  It is unique in the position it takes.  David starts off saying “Praise awaits You…in Zion”.  This is a statement that God’s people praise Him in the sanctuary.  God’s people need to bring Him praise, but the Psalm goes far deeper.  It is as if the temple is a fortress; the people are safe there and have all things provided for them.

Vs. 2  The one who has been brought to God is in a place from which to pray.  Not every place in the universe is praying ground.  Unless one has been brought to God in Zion (the church), the heavens are as brass.  But prayer is available to the one who has been brought to Zion.  Throughout the Old Testament every king made the walls of Jerusalem a little bit higher to make Israel safe.  In the same way God makes Zion a safe place for His people to pray.

Vs. 3  Sin overwhelms us and our world, but God will bring all humanity to bow before Him, Philippians 2:10.  And in Zion is the place of salvation, where God provides atonement.

Vs. 4  The theme is expressed again.  David states the blessedness of the one who is chosen to approach God in eternal closeness.  This is not just standing outside looking in at God’s glory but dwelling inside with God Himself.

This is an exhortation from the place of all-round blessedness to a place of prayer.  God brings His people close so that they might petition Him.  Everything that the believer needs is provided for and praise is required.  Prayer is a privilege for the believer; it is a necessity in Zion, the church.  Praise starts with God who provides a complete fortress for the believer in Zion.